Not getting emails?

Not getting emails?

Emailing services

At 3pm, we can automate your external / internal emails to be sent automatically on certain actions,
but these emails will be delivered by a third party service such as Sendgrid or Mailgun.

These emailing services will grab the email of the user, (unless specified otherwise)
and send these emails on your behalf - e.g 3pm defaults our emails to be sent from

Why your email may be blocked

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) acts as a protection to prevent "spoofing" and forged emails from being validated, but in this scenario it could also be preventing your emails from being delivered / received,
if the mailing service used is not authorised under the email domain sent (e.g then the email could be marked as spam or even be blocked by the recipient.


  1. 3pm can change the "sender" default email to be from an authorised domain - such as
    this will ensure the emails are not blocked due to SPF issues.

  2. Your email domain provider needs to add our emailing service to the "whitelist" of SPF records, (You may need to contact your domain provider for this)
    In short, this will give "consent" to our emailing service provider to send emails on behalf of your company email e.g which should improve the chances of successful deliveries.

Please contact our support team for further assistance with either of the solutions.

(Keep in mind this is one of many potential causes to undeliverable emails)